The distributed ledger technology, better known as blockchain, has the potential to eliminate huge amounts of record-keeping, save money and disrupt IT in ways not seen since the internet arrived. We are coming soon to help you achieve this objective and shape the future of your company.

How can Blockchain play a role with business?

Improved cash flow

Smart contracts can make immediate automatic payment of invoices as soon as a transaction is completed. Rather than waiting for several layers of authorisation when the invoice is issued, everyone from the supplier to the project manager to the quality controller can see what is required and sign off as the work happens. Once everything is complete, the transaction block closes and a payment can be triggered automatically.

Cross Border Payments:

Blockchain technology can speed up and simplify the cross-border payments process, cutting out many of the traditional middlemen and making money remittance more affordable. More importantly, Blockchain provides guaranteed, real-time transactions across borders, reducing the risk of loss due to currency fluctuations.

Fewer intermediaries to deal with

If an agreement can be reached without a middleman, if it can be “disintermediated”. It represents both an opportunity – reduced costs – and a threat. If you run any kind of agency, then simply processing a transaction will no longer be enough. You will have to add value to your clients.

Digital identity

How many times do you have to produce your passport, driving licence or utility bills to prove who you are? If all your information was held in an immutable chain, this could be used to verify your identity whenever required.

Streamlined supply chain operation

How can you be sure of the provenance of all the individual elements of goods you make or buy? Blockchain can provide a chain of transparent and immutable record, which can provide evidence that an ingredient is truly organic, or that health and safety procedures are being followed in a factory, for example.

Automatic follow-ups

If you are providing a service with repeat appointments, issuing a follow up could be an automatic process as soon as the first appointment is complete. The client may also be required to confirm the follow up in the system. This could apply to anything from healthcare to consultancy, reducing the burden of administration and the risk of no-shows.

Change is here

Blockchain is going to disrupt and change our world in ways we cannot yet imagine. Twenty years ago, we had no idea that things such as Facebook or Netflix could exist. It’s time for some original thinking. Would you like your business to harness this opportunity?


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